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Saji Bowl of 3.3 Inch Glori Flower Motif Sauce M553 - White
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Sell Saji Bowl of 3.3 Inch Glori Flower Motif Sauce M553 - White

Specification of Saji Bowl of 3.3 Inch Glori Flower Motif Sauce M553 - White

High-quality Pretty Serve Bowl,

There are many considerations you might think about when you want to buy a serving bowl. Because, currently there are many choices of serving bowls on the market. As a result, many people who hope to buy quality food bowls at the best prices.

Buy a serving bowl of sauce with a variety of colors for various events. The food bowls purchased can also be adjusted to your needs. A variety of serving bowls from melamine or others is available for you to choose as desired.

Serve favorite foods such as soups, soups, noodles & pasta, and more in beautiful containers that can make anyone tempted to join in the tasting. If you intend to buy a serving bowl to sell, you can buy a serving bowl wholesale. You can buy a retail serving bowl that has a charming color variation.

This time Glori Melamine presents a new product, the Flower Motif Sauce Bowl, which can add to your appetite in your home or restaurant.

This Sauce Bowl is suitable for use as a chili sauce bowl, sauce bowl etc., the color and motif are very beautiful if it is varied with food that is suitable for this sauce bowl.

Product Details:

Brand: GLORI Melamine

Material: Food Grade Melamine

Made in Indonesia


The size is 3.3 Inch

Weight: 200 grams




Scratch Resistant

Quality Guarantee: ISO 9001: 2008, SNI 7322: 2008

Heat Resistance: Made for usage at temperatures of -20C to + 120C


This product is Ready Stock

Delivery: 1-3 working days to Jabodetabek

Happy shopping !

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