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Piring Bumbu Saus Japan (Sekat 3) 18cm Putih – Glori Melamine 903
Piring Bumbu Saus Japan (Sekat 3) 18cm Putih – Glori Melamine 903
Piring Bumbu Saus Japan (Sekat 3) 18cm Putih – Glori Melamine 903
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Sell Piring Bumbu Saus Japan (Sekat 3) 18cm Putih – Glori Melamine 903

Specification of Piring Bumbu Saus Japan (Sekat 3) 18cm Putih – Glori Melamine 903

Japanese Seasoning Spice Plate 3 is Suitable for use in Japanese restaurants serving different types of seasonings or sauces, etc. This unique meat spot is designed with a form that can be stacked so that the dining table area does not become narrow.

Japanese Seasoning Plates 3

Product Details

Brand: Glori Melamine
Material: Food Grade Melamine
White color
1 Dus fill 60 pcs
Fetch in multiples 1 Dus
Produced by PT. Multi Anugrah Sukses
Made in Indonesia

Specifications (Per Item)

Length: 18 cm
Width: 8 cm
Height: 2.5 cm
Weight: 328 grams


Hold Scratch
Quality Guarantee: ISO 9001: 2008, SNI 7322: 2008
Heat Resistant: Made for usage at -20C to + 120C.


This product is Ready Stock
Delivery: 1-3 working days to Jabodetabek
Delivery time above includes 3 days of fulfillment time to process this item

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Rule of Return

Return / Redemption due to Defective or False Goods
You may refund if the Melamine product received is damaged or defective. Customer Service Glori ready to serve the return of goods to be exchanged.
Rules of return / redemption due to defective or false items are as follows:
Customers can contact our cs at +6285212140010 to make redemption.
The exchange will be made after the previous order product has been received by our customer service.
Customers do not need to bear freight charges for redemption. Postage will be borne by
We will process the redemption for 7 business days
We will send & confirm your new order.

Delivery Error

In the event of a delivery error, the first thing you should do is report to our customer service immediately. Inform your Order Number, your personal data, the delivery errors that occurred, and the goods you were supposed to get. This delivery error will be resolved soon.

Keep in mind!

To redeem / refund the goods must be still in the original state (unused, not dirty, not broken etc.). We can not exchange / refund the goods that have been used. The goods will be sent back to you directly.
Our Guarantee as Seller
Delivery and Fulfillment on Time
Maximum 6 working days of goods have arrived (Jabodetabek)
For more information, please contact us HOTLINE at 021-5437-4882.

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